[Solved] ConfigProtectionProvider is not allowed in ASP.NET

Resolving configProtectionProvider Error in web.config After Encrypting ConnectionStrings


After encrypting the connectionStrings in the web.config file using the command prompt of Visual Studio Tools or programatically, you might encounter an issue with the configProtectionProvider attribute. This article will guide you on how to resolve the configProtectionProvider error in the web.config file and ensure a smooth encryption process.

Understanding the Issue

The configProtectionProvider attribute is not allowed by default in the web.config file. It gets added automatically when you use the aspnet_regiis.exe tool to encrypt the connectionStrings section. This attribute specifies the provider used to encrypt and decrypt the configuration section.

connectionStrings-error To resolve this issue, simply include the following attribute in the < configuration > tag of the web.config file. This addition will effectively resolve the problem.

If you want to learn How to Encrypt the connection String in ASP.NET Web Config visit this article.

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