How to setup the X display in Linux or call a GUI for installation from PuTTY

To call a GUI for installation from PuTTY or set up X display in Linux, you need to follow these steps:

1. Install an X Server

Ensure that an X Server is installed on your local machine. If you're using Windows, you can install Xming or X410. For macOS, XQuartz is a popular option. Install the appropriate X Server for your operating system.

2. Enable X11 Forwarding in PuTTY

Open PuTTY and navigate to the session configuration settings. Under the "Connection" category, expand the "SSH" section and click on "X11".Check the box that says "Enable X11 forwarding". Save the session configuration. linux-putty-x11-forwarding

3. Connect to the Linux Server

Start PuTTY and establish an SSH connection to the Linux server. Make sure you have X11 forwarding enabled for this session.

4. Set the DISPLAY Environment Variable

Once connected to the Linux server, you need to set the DISPLAY environment variable to specify the display that will be used for GUI applications. At the PuTTY terminal, enter the following command:
export DISPLAY="HOST_NAME":0.0

For example -
export DISPLAY dbdocs:0.0
This command sets the DISPLAY variable to the local X Server.

5.Run the GUI Installation

With the DISPLAY variable set, you can now run the GUI installation command. For example, if you're installing a package using a GUI installer, you can run the command as follows:
sudo "PATH_TO_INSTALLER"/installer
The GUI installer should now appear on your local machine. By following these steps, you can call a GUI for installation from PuTTY or set up X display in Linux.
Remember to have an X Server installed on your local machine and enable X11 forwarding in PuTTY for a successful connection and display of the GUI.

If you encounter the following error after following the above steps, it is likely that you have logged in using su - oracle from the root or another user account. In such cases, please open a new session where X forwarding is enabled and log in directly as the Oracle user.
This should resolve the issue.
[oracle@dbdocs dbhome_1]$ ./runInstaller
ERROR: Unable to verify the graphical display setup. This application requires X display. Make sure that xdpyinfo exist under PATH variable.

Can't connect to X11 window server using 'dbdocs:0.0' as the value of the DISPLAY variable.
[oracle@dbdocs dbhome_1]$

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